Innovative and sustainable membrane solutions

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Industrial water
NX Filtration offers energy efficient direct nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes for a wide range of industrial applications, including process water treatment, wastewater reuse and the recovery of valuable raw materials such as caustic or coloring dyes.
Drinking water
Our hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes enable one-step water production from polluted surface water by removing color, micropollutants and other contaminations with significant energy and chemicals savings. We also offer ultrafiltration membranes for replacement, expansion, or greenfield projects.
Wastewater reuse
Our hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes enable direct treatment of wastewater, preventing the discharge of polluting substances in the environment as well as enabling the reuse of water. We offer significant savings in energy usage and chemical consumption in comparison to traditional membrane technologies.

Sustainable Solutions

Chemical free operation
Our direct nanofiltration solution avoids the use of flocculants and coagulants in pre-treatment and requires a very low chemical cleaning frequency.
Energy efficient
Our membranes realize significant CO2 footprint reduction during operation compared to conventional technologies such as reverse osmosis, adsorption (activated carbon) and oxidation processes.
Green chemistry
Our coating process for nanofiltration membranes applies water-based chemistry, in contrast to conventional solvent-based coating processes. Our membrane spinning process is highly energy efficient thanks to our unique in-line polymer mixing concept.
Latest news
Bucher Denwel collaborate with NX Filtration for a new beer membrane filtration solution
4 June 2024
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