NX Filtration is revolutionising the beverage industry with its innovative nanofiltration technology. By harnessing the power of nanofiltration membranes, NX Filtration enables a gentle and precise process for the reduction of alcohol content from beverages, while preserving flavour and quality.



Benefits of NX Filtration’s Nanofiltration Process:

Preservation of Distinct Taste Profiles: NX Filtration’s nanofiltration process excels in maintaining the unique taste profiles of alcoholic beverages.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction: NX Filtration’s nanofiltration technology operates efficiently under mild process conditions, such as low temperatures and pressures. This energy-efficient approach stands in contrast to conventional distillation techniques, which often require high energy inputs.


dNF dealcoholisation process
Demand for low-alcohol or alcohol-free beer is growing. Driven by consumer preferences brewers are looking for the optimal way to reduce the alcohol level from their beers, without compromising quality. However, traditional methods of alcohol reduction often compromise taste, aroma, or foam stability. NX Filtration's hollow fiber nanofiltration technology offers a game-changing solution to gently reduce alcohol levels while retaining the essential flavour and aroma compounds.

Basic principles
NX Filtration’s hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes allow small molecules, such as water and ethanol, to pass through, while effectively retaining and preserving complex and delicate components like flavour, aroma and colour at low pressure and low temperature. During the batch process, the beer is concentrated to 40% of its initial volume, followed by replenishment with deaerated water to restore the original volume. The major advantage compared with traditional distillation methods is that nanofiltration selectively removes ethanol without compromising the sensory experience. This allows brewers to create low-alcohol or alcohol-free versions that closely resemble the characteristics of the original beers.


Figure; simplified process overview

The efficiency of NX Filtration's nanofiltration process is another notable and sustainable advantage. Compared to conventional distillation techniques, dNF requires significantly less energy, resulting in reduced production costs and environmental impact. And the scalability of the technology makes it suitable for small- and largescale breweries, enabling seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes.

Enabling the production of low-alcohol or alcohol-free alternatives
"We are thrilled to offer brewers this groundbreaking solution for alcohol reduction," said Gerard Ruiter, Sales Manager at NX Filtration. "Our unique nanofiltration membranes provide precise control over the alcohol level while maintaining the authentic characteristics that consumers know and love. Now breweries can meet the increasing consumer demand for alcohol-low and free beers without compromising on taste, aroma or foam stability."