Hydranautics transitions its HYDRAcap™ product line to NX Filtration

Hydranautics transitions its HYDRAcap™ product line to NX Filtration

Enschede, the Netherlands / Oceanside, California, USA, 20 October 2020

NX Filtration, a producer of innovative hollow fiber membrane solutions, and Hydranautics, one of the global leaders in membrane technology and part of the Nitto Group, announce that NX Filtration will start production and global distribution of various HYDRAcap™ ultrafiltration products that were previously supplied by Hydranautics.

The HYDRAcap™ products are deployed globally for a broad range of applications such as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis, surface water treatment and wastewater treatment.

The agreement covers the HYDRAcap™ Polyether Sulfone (PES) hollow fiber ultrafiltration product line based on the inside-out filtration concept. These characteristics, that provide an ideal chemical and thermal stability for use in robust filtration processes, fit well with NX Filtration’s broader product portfolio of hollow fiber Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration solutions. Hydranautics will continue to deliver its Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) based outside-in membrane products.

Masaaki Ando, President of Hydranautics, comments: “Through this agreement with NX Filtration we assure that our customers continue to receive high quality HYDRAcap™ modules. NX Filtration offers a wealth of membrane experience and invests in innovative solutions for the future. We have established a close liaison with NX Filtration and will jointly work on a smooth transition period offering optimal service to our customer base.”

Michiel Staatsen, CEO of NX Filtration, adds: “We are proud to be selected by Hydranautics, which is a testimony to our reputation of offering high-quality innovative membrane products. We are dedicated to offer Hydranautics’ customer base a continuation of outstanding products, high service and access to our global team of membrane experts.”


About NX Filtration

NX Filtration is an innovative producer of membrane products for treating water and filtering beverages. NX Filtration produces advanced hollow fiber membrane modules for nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration applications. Its worldwide unique direct nanofiltration concept was designed to remove organics from water in one single step: without pre-treatment and without the use of chemicals. Together with a production method based on green chemistry and significant energy savings during operation, this provides a unique and sustainable solution. For further information on NX Filtration please visit

About Hydranautics

Hydranautics is a part of the Nitto Group and one of the global leaders in the field of Integrated Membrane Solutions. Hydranautics offers complete membrane solutions like Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Microfiltration for Water, Wastewater and Process applications. Hydranautics membrane-based solutions are currently in use throughout the world for diverse applications such as Seawater Desalination, Industrial Ultrapure Water Production, Surface Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Specialty Process Applications etc. Our Global Membrane Division is headquartered in Oceanside, CA, USA and we have 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing sites located in Oceanside – USA, Shiga – Japan and Shanghai – China. For further information on Hydranautics please visit

About Nitto

Nitto is Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer. Founded in 1918, Nitto’s strength is the ability to add diverse functionality to sheets, films and other materials using core technologies such as polymer synthesis, adhesion and coating technologies. The group offers over 13,000 high value specialty products worldwide including optical films for liquid crystal displays, automotive materials, reverse osmosis membranes for desalination and transdermal drug delivery patches. For further information on Nitto please visit


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