NX Filtration celebrates commissioning of fourth drinking water project in Indonesia

NX Filtration celebrates commissioning of fourth drinking water project in Indonesia
NX Filtration, a global leader in advanced hollow fiber membrane technology, announces the successful commissioning of the fourth drinking water project in Indonesia based on NX Filtration’s hollow fiber nanofiltration (HFNF) membrane technology. PT Bayu Surya Bakti Konstruksi’s (BSBK) commissioning of the new 450 m3/hour project in Medang Kampai marks a significant milestone in sustainable water management in the region.

The new water treatment plant addresses the growing demand for reliable water supply in the area. The source of the water is the Kemili river, which has a high load of colour caused by humic acids (plant residues). These types of waters can be treated optimally with HFNF membranes which require hardly any chemical dosing and operate at low pressure, thus consuming less energy. The result is a low cost and low CO2 footprint solution for very high water quality. The total cost of ownership lies around $20cts per m3 of water produced, which is very competitive with conventional treatment schemes, but with a much better water quality.

"We are proud to unveil this state-of-the-art water treatment facility, which embodies our commitment to excellence and sustainability," remarked Nyoman Yasa Negara, Director of BSBK.

"Through strategic partnerships and the cutting-edge membrane technology provided by NX Filtration, we are advancing towards our goal of ensuring access to safe and affordable water for the people of Indonesia."

The project commissioning ceremony, attended by key stakeholders including government officials and industry leaders, signifies the collective dedication to enhancing water infrastructure and environmental stewardship in Indonesia. Among the esteemed guests were Mr. Riau Satria Alamsyah, Head of Public Works and commissioner of PDAM Dumai; Mr. H. Pasal, the Mayor of Dumai; and Mr. Robert Gerard, representing NX Filtration.

"We are honoured to be part of this transformative initiative, which underscores the importance of innovative solutions in addressing water challenges,"expressed Robert Gerard, Sales director at NX Filtration.

"NX Filtration is committed to driving sustainable progress through our advanced membrane technology, and we look forward to further collaborations in the pursuit of water security and resource conservation."

The successful implementation of this project sets a precedent for future endeavours in water and wastewater treatment and underscores the potential for scalable, eco-friendly solutions in water management.


Michiel Staatsen