NX Filtration donates to the Water for Life Foundation at the occasion of their Euronext listing

15 June 2021

On Friday 11 June, NX Filtration celebrated its listing on Euronext Amsterdam. To mark this occasion, NX Filtration donated €15,000 to the Water for Life Foundation on behalf of Infestos Foundation. Martien den Blanken, chairman of Water for Life, received this check from NX Filtration’s founder and CTO Erik Roesink last Friday.

Founded in 2016, NX Filtration focuses on enabling clean drinking water production from polluted rivers, preventing the discharge of all kinds of micro-pollutants (such as pharmaceuticals, PFAS and nanoplastics) into the environment and reducing the water footprint of industrial customers worldwide.

Erik Roesink, founder and CTO of NX Filtration, comments: “We are proud to be able to support Water for Life at the occasion of our IPO. With NX Filtration and Water for Life sharing a mission of enabling clean and affordable water across the world, we are confident that this donation will make a contribution to achieving that goal. We thank Infestos Foundation to make this donation available to us.”

Martien den Blanken, chairman of Water for Life, comments: “I am very happy with this generous contribution from NX Filtration, especially because it is a new innovative company, which can also directly contribute with its products to the goal of giving everyone in the world access to clean drinking water, a goal that Water for Life has been pursuing and implementing for the poorest parts of the world’s population since 2004.”

Water for Life, together with local water companies, sets up projects in poor neighborhoods in Africa and Asia to build drinking water and sanitation facilities. Worldwide there are still millions of people without access to water. With this contribution from NX Filtration we are one step closer to realizing drinking water and a toilet for everyone worldwide. The contribution is used for the construction of new water pipes, water points or toilets in poor neighbourhoods.

Erik Roesink
Founder and CTO