Surface water treatment for drinking water and process water at a power plant in Sweden

NX Filtration supplies its nanofiltration membranes to Forsmark power plant in Sweden

NX Filtration supplies its nanofiltration membranes to Forsmark power plant in Sweden

Enschede, the Netherlands, 8 February 2021

For the local production of drinking and process water for the Forsmark power plant in Sweden, ProMinent, a multinational water treatment systems supplier, installed an innovative water treatment system based on hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes of NX Filtration, specialist in innovative membrane solutions.

The feed water is taken from a local, highly colored lake with temperatures close to zero degrees Celsius in the winter. This feed water goes through a simple one step process consisting of, initially, 74 dNF40 hollow fiber nanofiltration modules of NX Filtration. This system removes bacteria, viruses and organics, including color, from the lake water. The resulting product water is used for drinking water and for process water in the Forsmark power plant.

Compared to the existing system, which is based on coagulant injection, dissolved air flotation and sand filtration, the new nanofiltration setup offers various benefits. It ensures better removal of organics, micropollutants and other contaminations, it avoids the use of chemicals in pretreatment and it reduces the number of process steps, which also results in a smaller physical footprint of the system.

Jonas Lindqvist, Sales Manager at ProMinent, comments: “We previously worked with NX Filtration’s technology for a bottled water application in eastern Europe and quickly understood that this disruptive technology could also address Forsmark’s water challenges. With the use of NX Filtration’s MexPlorer test unit, we were able to quickly determine the potential of hollow fiber nanofiltration technology for Forsmark’s application. Compared to other alternatives, the hollow fiber nanofiltration technology showed significantly better performance with regards to organics removal.”

Robert Gerard, Commercial Director at NX Filtration, comments: “We are proud to supply Forsmark with our innovative hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes, which enable a simple and sustainable process of producing clean and affordable drinking and process water. Compared to traditional methods, we reduce the number of filtration steps, we avoid the use of chemicals in pretreatment and significantly reduce energy consumption during operation.”


Robert Gerard
Water and wastewater expert