NX Filtration wins project for wastewater reuse at Cross Textiles

Enschede, the Netherlands, 7 April 2022
NX Filtration wins project for wastewater reuse at Cross Textiles
Cross Textiles, a denim & lifestyle brand and producer with customers such as Jack & Jones, H&M, Inditex, Ralph Lauren and Mango, selected NX Filtration for the delivery of its direct nanofiltration (dNF) membranes for wastewater treatment and reuse at its production facilities in Çorlu, Turkey. The dNF technology enables the removal of colour and organics from the textile wastewater stream, making this water suitable for reuse in Cross Textiles’ facilities.

This project follows a series of pilot tests during the first half of 2021. These pilots demonstrated the ability of dNF to remove color, turbidity and organics, including specific components for the textile industry (such as dyes, detergents and fixing agents) from Cross Textiles’ wastewater stream. This enables the reuse of wastewater and therewith reduces Cross Textiles’ water footprint. Based on these results, Cross Textiles decided to implement a full-scale water reuse system with a capacity of 1,200 cubic meters per day, enabling them to reduce their water intake with over 50%. The system will be based on NX Filtration’s dNF40 membranes that offer the most selective characteristics in the market. The system is expected to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2022.

Ökotek, NX Filtration’s distributor in Turkey, supported Cross Textiles during the pilot tests and system design. ENTA, specialist in water treatment systems, has won a tender to provide the overall system based on NX Filtration’s dNF membranes.

Mehmet Yüceyurt, General Manager at ENTA: “We are proud to have been selected by Cross Textiles and to be able to use the innovative dNF technology in our water treatment system. This technology allows us to achieve high performance results in a relatively simple and very robust system set-up.”

Şebnem Aybige Barlas, Vice President at Ökotek: “This project is an excellent example of the potential of dNF technology to reduce industrial companies’ water footprint, in combination with offering strong sustainability benefits. dNF-based systems avoid the use of pre-treatment chemicals and require substantially less energy than conventional systems.”

Rick te Lintelo, Sales Director at NX Filtration: “We are proud to support Cross Textiles in their journey to reduce their water footprint. This is yet another example of the enormous potential of our dNF technology to avoid wastewater discharge and enable reuse in the textile industry.”


Rick te Lintelo
Sales Director

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