NX Filtration Presentation - 2023 Membrane Technology Conference

February 20-23, 2023 Knoxville, TN
NX Filtration Presentation - 2023 Membrane Technology Conference
The 2023 Membrane Technology Conference explores the latest developments in membrane technology and new directions in water and wastewater treatment technologies. Join us at paper presentations that will elaborate on various projects and research where our dNF membrane technology has been applied.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 – Innovations in High Pressure Membrane System (Ballroom A)

04:15 PM EST

Removal of PFAS and Organic Micropollutants with Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration

Hollow fiber nanofiltration (HFNF) provides a robust barrier to PFAS compounds and organic micropollutants found in surface waters and wastewaters. With more evidence emerging linking PFAS and OMPs to negative health effects, regulations are being continually developed that limit concentrations allowed in drinking waters and effluent discharge. A description of the HFNF technology and its applicability in the overall process of PFAS and OMP removal from water, followed by lab and pilot scale results from tests on PFAS and OMP-laden surface and wastewaters will be presented and discussed.
Speakers: Nik Mehta (NX Filtration)

Thursday, February 23, 2023 – New Developments (Ballroom B)

08:45 AM EST

One-Step Surface Water to Drinking Water Pilot with Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration in Melbourne, Florida

Hollow fiber nanofiltration (HFNF) membranes have gained increased attention in recent years due to certain performance advantages over traditional polyamide-polypiperazine based spiral-wound NF membranes in reusing difficult-to-treat water. NX Filtration provided a fully-automated, remote-monitored HFNF pilot system to Jacobs Engineering at the Melbourne Water Treatment Plant in Florida for a 3-month pilot test to produce drinking water quality from surface water in one step. This paper details the pilot results and compares the OPEX/CAPEX considerations for a full-scale 20 MGD plant with that of a conventional hollow fiber MF-spiral NF system.
Speakers: Gerardus Schers (Jacobs)
Co-Authors: Nik Mehta (NX Filtration), Jonathan Harn (Harn R/O)



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