NX Projection Tool

Optimal performance of your hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane system

NX Filtration’s unique hollow fiber direct nanofiltration (dNF) membrane technology removes micropollutants, color, nano plastics, multivalent salts and pharmaceuticals from water in one single step: without pre-treatment chemicals and with significant energy savings.

NXPT 3.0
Our third generation Projection Tool (NXPT 3.0) enables complete and robust system design for our dNF membranes and predicts the quality of permeate water produced. The tool was developed in-house combining expert modelling with extensive project experience. The detailed output information produced by NXPT 3.0 enables our customers to optimally design full-scale dNF systems.


Accurate design
NXPT 3.0 accurately predicts key design parameters including the number of membrane modules, achieved recovery and permeate flux based on input parameters such as feed flow, quality and temperature. The design tool allows for evaluation of a once through Christmas tree design as well as a multistage Feed and Bleed design
Insights in operating parameters
Our projection tool calculates the total energy consumption, process flows and cleaning intervals, which allows for specifications of system designs and operating parameters that best suit our clients’ needs
Estimation of rejection
NXPT 3.0 provides an estimation of the rejection of key components like TOC (Total Organic Carbon), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and ion composition in the permeate and concentrate streams. Furthermore, it provides an estimation of rejections of several micropollutants, including PFAS, as well as other organic molecules

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Robert Gerard
Water and wastewater expert

Key features

NXPT 3.0 offers insights in specific energy consumption and operating costs. It has a user-friendly interface with a minimal learning curve (e.g. easy switching from metric to imperial units and printable PDF reports).

NXPT 3.0 provides complete hydraulic projections of number of stages, modules per stage, flows and pressures during filtration, as well as cleaning cycles.

  • Automatic ion-balance adjustor for inaccurate/incomplete water analyses
    Runs projections at different temperatures, recoveries and cross-flow velocities
  • Option of Christmas Tree or Feed-and-Bleed designs depending on feed quality and permeate quality required
  • Cleaning strategy based on specifically selected feed water type
  • Additional input options such as booster pumps, module groupings and cleaning intervals and durations
  • Estimation of the product water quality for inorganic as well as organic compounds
  • Calculation of saturation indices for common scaling minerals
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