Royal Grolsch (Asahi) starts water treatment pilot with NX Filtration’s nanofiltration membranes

Royal Grolsch (Asahi) starts water treatment pilot with NX Filtration’s nanofiltration membranes

The renowned Grolsch brewery in Enschede, the Netherlands has a long history of further improving reliability and robustness of its processes and minimizing impact on the environment. At its location in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, where summer droughts have become longer and more severe over the years, ground water levels are declining more and more. To assure that, despite these regional challenges, the well water that is used for brewing premium beer will remain at the highest standards, Grolsch is now investigating the latest sustainable technologies.

Therefore NX Filtration, an innovative membrane manufacturer, also headquartered in Enschede, and Grolsch joined forces. After a series of extensive laboratory tests on NX Filtration’s unique hollow fiber nanofiltration (dNF) membranes, Grolsch decided to launch a full-scale water treatment pilot trajectory. With the results from this pilot Grolsch can compare the dNF membrane technology with conventional water treatment solutions on important factors such as the retention of micropollutants and hardness, energy usage and the need for cleaning agents.

Michiel Staatsen, CEO of NX Filtration: “We are proud join forces with Royal Grolsch in further demonstrating the potential of our innovative hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes, which enable a simple and sustainable process of producing clean and affordable water and facilitate the reuse and recycling of wastewater. Compared to traditional water treatment methods, we reduce the number of filtration steps, we avoid the use of chemicals in pretreatment and significantly reduce energy consumption during operation.”

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