Advanced hollow fiber membranes for sustainable food and beverage applications

NX Filtration is your membrane partner for filtering beverages and treating water. We offer high end microfiltration membranes and membrane modules for the food, beverage and pharma industry, as well as unique hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes to reduce your water footprint, improving quality and bringing down cost.

Advanced hollow fiber membranes
Our microfiltration membranes are used for the clarification of beverages, such as beer and wine and ideally suited for dairy, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. They offer a high-quality, sustainable and low-opex alternative for traditional filtration technologies. Our unique direct nanofiltration membranes enable the reduction of your water footprint, by treating incoming water, enabling the recovery of valuable raw materials from wastewater and recycling wastewater.
Our sustainable membrane solutions for breweries
Beer membrane microfiltration is rapidly gaining momentum as the preferred filtration process at breweries, as this technique shows several important advantages over traditional diatomaceous earth filtration. NX Filtration is amongst the few suppliers of hollow fiber beer filtration membranes globally. With our team of experts we are constantly working on further performance optimizations and innovations.


Direct nanofiltration enabling water footprint goals
Direct nanofiltration is an innovative and proprietary technology that enables very precise and controlled rejection and flux properties of the membrane. Applying direct nanofiltration, incoming water streams can be optimally tailored for the production of highquality food and beverage products. This includes the removal of unwanted organics, micropollutants, color, viruses and bacteria, hardness, iron and heavy metals in a robust one-step process. In addition, wastewater from e.g. cleaning (CIP) and utilities can be treated efficiently and recycled. Various raw materials can be reclaimed since the direct nanofiltration membranes are chemically stable, enabling performance even at high caustic soda (NaOH) concentrations.


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