Color removal from well water to produce potable water

NX Filtration delivered its nanofiltration membranes for the removal of color from well water in South East Asia.

The customers query
The customer, a municipal drinking water company, was looking for a one-step solution to remove color (humic acids) from well water for the production of potable water. A simple process with limited use of chemicals was paramount for this project.
Our approach
We supplied our dNF80 membranes, providing a unique one-step solution without the addition of chemicals, resulting in a product water flow of up to 1,200 m3/day from a highlycoloured well water.

The result

Stable operation since startup due to its simplified pretreatment requirements and high color removal efficiency.

  • >95%
    color removal
  • >80%
  • 0%
    antiscalant injection
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Robert Gerard
Water and wastewater expert

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