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This event will focus on the revolutionary water recycling process being implemented by the city of Helsingborg. It will take place at Recolab, the city’s innovative facility for the refinement and testing of new water recycling technologies.

Thursday June 8th 2023

RecoLab: World's largest source-separated sanitation plant in Sweden
Register now for the upcoming event focused on the revolutionary water recycling process being implemented by the city of Helsingborg. This event will take place at Recolab, the city's innovative facility for the refinement and testing of new water recycling technologies.

The Helsingborg circular sanitation process is a fully energy-efficient system that source-separates blackwater, greywater, and food waste through separate pipelines. This allows for the recovery of valuable nutrients, the production of biogas, and the recycling of wastewater to drinking water quality. The objective of this system is to recover as much water as possible, ensuring the sustainable use of this precious resource.

In the coming 3-5 years, the city of Helsingborg plans to expand its water recycling plant, further refining the re-use process for the high-quality recovered water. Recolab will be at the forefront of this effort, demonstrating the latest innovations in water treatment technology.

At this event, we will be showcasing the dNF40 nanofiltration membrane modules that have been applied for the removal of micropollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, oestrogens, microplastics, antibiotics, and personal care products, from wastewater effluent. This process produces water of drinking water quality, which is then treated with ozone to break down the micropollutants, before returning for further biological treatment.

Preliminary programme:
The morning will cover the drivers behind Oceanhammen and the Recolab solution and how this has resulted in the beautiful facility you will soon find yourself in. You will learn about the technological process and the role of direct nanofiltration in it. A tour will take you through all parts of the solution and this will also give you plenty of time for a coffee break or to network.

In the afternoon, we will have a joint lunch where there will of course be the opportunity to network. Please indicate in the form under "Additional information" if there are any dietary requirements.

We continue the afternoon by delving deeper into DeSaH's black water and kitchen waste treatment process and direct nanofiltration applications in full-scale projects and pilot tests.
Technological solutions are great, but there are always drivers behind water treatment and recovery projects. A panel discussion will discuss the various challenges. We appreciate your active participation in this. after this we expect to conclude the programme and raise a glass. If you are still looking for more knowledge, several specialists will be present on membrane technology and applications such as surface and (industrial) water treatment, black water treatment and nutrient recovery.

We trust you will go home inspired and well-informed about this unique facility and where the technology presented can be applied in projects you are or will be involved in.

This Recolab project is a collaborative effort between NX Filtration, DeSaH (process design), and Jotem (membrane filtration skid), with the concept vision developed by NSVA in Helsingborg. Wetsus, the European knowledge center for sustainable water technology, is also closely studying the operation of the plant to help apply this concept with accumulated knowledge around the globe.

Place: Recolab - Atlantgatan 8 - Helsingborg

Date: June 8th 2023

Time: 09:30 - 16:00 (AM)

Costs: None (excluding travel and accommodation costs)

To register for this exciting event, please complete the registration form below. We look forward to welcoming you to Recolab and sharing our vision for a sustainable future.

Check out the following link to read already more details on why this project is so special:

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