RECO LAB: recovering nutrients from an innovative urban waste stream in Sweden

NX Filtration delivered its nanofiltration membranes for the removal of micropollutants in the new residential area Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg.

The customers query
The City of Helsingborg together with NSVA (Northwest Skåne Water and Wastewater) and NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings) were seeking to recover nutrients from separated urban waste streams (grey and black water) from the new residential area Oceanhamnen (the Ocean Harbour) in Helsingborg.
Our approach
We applied our dNF40 nanofiltration membranes for the removal of micropollutants (amongst others pharmaceuticals, estrogens, micro plastics, antibiotics, and personal care products) from wastewater after conventional activated sludge treatment to recover water of drinking quality to prevent contamination of ground and surface water. For this project, NX Filtration partnered with DeSaH (process design) and Jotem (membrane skid).

The result

Once trough direct nanofiltration (dNF) setup for treatment of residential grey water after conventional activated sludge process.

  • >80%
    micropollutant removal
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Robert Gerard
Water and wastewater expert

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