Removal of micropollutants from municipal wastewater after biological treatment

NX Filtration delivered its nanofiltration membranes for the treatment of municipal wastewater at a treatment plant in Enschede, the Netherlands.

The customers query
The customer, a wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands, was looking for a solution to remove micropollutants from the wastewater effluent prior to discharge into an environmentally sensitive local water stream.
Our approach
We applied our dNF40 nanofiltration membranes directly on the wastewater after biological treatment and settling tanks. Contrary to conventional membrane processes, our process only required a strainer as pre-treatment.

The result

Stable operation since early 2019 with a crossflow design.

  • 20
    LMH flux
  • >97%
    rejection of Total Organic Carbon
  • >80%
    rejection for a cocktail of micropollutants, mainly pharmaceuticals
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Robert Gerard
Water and wastewater expert

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