Wastewater reuse project for multinational soft drinks producer in Canada

We applied our dNF40 nanofiltration membranes after a self-cleaning strainer directly on the wastewater discharge without the use of any coagulation chemicals.

The customers query
As part of its sustainability goals, a soft drinks plant in Canada was looking for a solution to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand in a sugary wastewater to cut wastewater discharge costs and enable use of the sugary concentrate in feedstock.
Our solution
We applied our dNF40 nanofiltration membranes for excellent removal of color, TOC bacteria, viruses and other harmful compounds removal and a selective salt rejection. The installed system produces 850 m3 of product water per day with a pretreatment consisting only of a rotating drum strainer with no additional chemical injection.

The result

The dNF40 unit has a single pass Christmas tree arrangement. The unit is operating at a recovery of more than 75%. Producing a concentrate stream containing 10,000 ppm BOD and a product water with 600 ppm BOD from a 2700 ppm BOD feed water at a flow of 90 gpm (20 m³/h).

  • >75%
    BOD rejection
  • 75%
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Robert Gerard
Water and wastewater expert

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