Innovative and sustainable nanofiltration membranes

Our Direct Nanofiltration (dNF) membranes offer the unique combination of a low fouling hollow fiber configuration with the ability to remove micropollutants (including PFAS, pharmaceuticals and insecticides) colour and selective salts, but also bacteria and viruses from water  whilst offering strong sustainability benefits.

Show case: direct Nanofiltration for potable water

The customers query
Our customer, a municipal drinking water company in Indonesia, was looking for a simple and robust solution to remove color (humic acids), pathogens, and micropollutants that have accumulated in the Masjid river during its flow through the rainforest. With the use of direct nanofiltration, this water is now used for the production of drinking water for the city of Dumai.
Our Solution
We apply our dNF80 nanofiltration membranes, providing a unique one-step solution resulting in a product water flow of up to 3,000 m3/day. Our dNF membrane technology enables a sustainable water treatment process that does not require the addition of chemicals prior to filtration. Together with a low operating pressure and low chemical cleaning intervals, the OPEX of the process is approximately 0.12 $/m3 (including replacement, electricity, labor and maintenance).

With a strong color removal of over 95% we turned the highly colored river water into a crystal-clear drinking water which could not be achieved with conventional treatment methods. Important additional benefits are that this can be done in one single step, without pre-treatment avoiding the use of a significant amount of chemicals. Therefore, the resulting OPEX of approximately 0.12 $/m3 (including membrane replacement, electricity, labor and maintenance) for our direct nanofiltration installation were significantly lower than an expansion of the existing conventional water treatment installation.


Rick te Lintelo
Sales Director

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